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  • Logo Design

    $125.00 CAD éénmalig
    Nu bestellen
    • Logo design for business card, web site, banner or brochure
      You own the copyright to your logo. Starting price $ 125.00
  • Banner/Flyers

    $299.00 CAD éénmalig
    Nu bestellen
    • Make original concept, You keep the copyright
  • Custom Graphic Design (per Hours)

    $35.00 CAD éénmalig
    Nu bestellen
    • Complete original concept, You keep the copyright to the works
      All Graphic works are outsources to our sub-contract designer.
      We handle management of such works until the order is completed to ensure customer satisfaction.

      ***Price for this items are per $35.00 hours
      ***Specify hours number in the quantity box
  • Brochure design

    $35.00 CAD éénmalig
    Nu bestellen
    • Design brochure with unlimited drawing on them and you own all the copyright to your design. Original concept. Modern design and graphic. start at $35.00 per hours...

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